Andy Farrer Photography

Award-Winning Expertise
I am proud to have won the Landscape Photographer of the Year award in 2015 with my image "Bat's Head in the Snow."

Local Knowledge and Inspiration
I am best known for my images of Dorset, particularly the Isle of Purbeck. My deep connection to the area allows me to share unique insights and locations.

Commitment to Printing
I co-founded Fine Art Inkorporated in 2017, a print studio where I teach the art of printing, helping others bring their images to life.

Teaching and Mentorship
Since 2016, I've led workshops for Light & Land and offer personal tuition sessions. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and helping others develop their skills.

Professional Publications
My work has been featured in Amateur Photographer, The National Trust Magazine, Dorset Life, Outdoor Photographer, and many more.



Why Book with Me?

Over 20 Years of Experience
For more than two decades, I have worked in the photographic industry, focusing on landscape photography, fine art printing, and running workshops in the UK and internationally.

Small Groups or Personal Tuition
I offer small group sessions or one-on-one tuition, ensuring personalised attention. Each workshop features carefully planned locations and itineraries, with the goal of providing an enjoyable day focused on photography and/or post-processing.

Naturally Supportive Teaching Style
My teaching style is naturally supportive and tailored to your specific needs. I aim to help you explore and capture the unique angles of our chosen locations. You'll gain the tools and knowledge to shoot confidently in various conditions, producing your best images time and time again.

Ethics and Sustainability
I am committed to preserving the places we visit and respecting wildlife. My workshops follow a strict 'leave no trace' ethic, ensuring that we minimize our impact on the environment.

Workshop FAQ's

Are workshops suitable for beginners? +
Yes. Workshops are a fantastic way for beginners to develop their photography knowledge and skills. With over 20 years working as a landscape photographer you will learn the best tips and tricks from a seasoned professional.
Who are workshops suitable for? +

Workshops are designed for photographers of all levels looking to develop their landscape photography or post processing skills with a small group of like-minded people.

  • Workshop numbers are limited to ensure I have sufficient time to spend with each participant and I pride myself in providing a personal approach to learning. Each person will take something different away.
  • You will learn about light, filters, your own equipment, trip planning, "what not to do" (as well as what to do) in certain situations.
  • We’ll also have time to share ideas as we review images together along the way.
What equipment do I need to bring? +
  • Camera - it doesn’t matter which brand you use, I am familiar with most popular cameras. (I shoot with Canon)
  • Lenses - ideally with a range of focal lengths from wide-angle to medium telephoto.
  • Photography backpack - I recommend carrying your camera equipment in a comfortable backpack which is well fitted to your body. Using a waist-belt will help transfer the weight onto your hips and save a lot of energy when hiking to locations. Trolley bags won’t be suitable for any of my workshops!
  • Tripod
  • Essential accessories - don’t forget spare camera batteries and memory cards (and chargers for multi-day workshops). Laptop - this will be essential for some workshops for post processing and printing, but recommended for multi-day workshops.
  • Also bring suitable clothing and footwear. Weather conditions can be changeable!
  • A head-torch is recommended for sunrise and sunset shoots.
  • I can lend you Kase filters and a tripod by prior arrangement.

  • Workshop specific kit requirements will be outlined in the individual workshop listing. More detailed tour notes will be sent out 4-6 weeks prior to the workshop providing much more detail on equipment and clothing required along with joining instructions.
Can I bring my drone? +
Absolutely! Some locations offer fantastic opportunities for aerial photography.

As long as you have the correct permissions and your drone is properly labeled with your flyer ID, it's possible to fly your drone. However, drones can sometimes be a point of contention. To ensure a positive experience for everyone, please seek agreement from other participants before flying your drone, so it doesn’t impact their enjoyment of the location.

Additionally, be mindful of local regulations and safety guidelines to ensure a safe and legal flight.
What if the weather is bad? +
One of the joys of landscape photography is working with the constantly changing weather conditions. Locations will be carefully chosen to maximise the photographic potential and your experience on any given day.
  • One day and one-to-one workshops - In the unlikely event that a weather forecast is too bad to risk running a workshop or one to one, I will contact you in advance to either reschedule or arrange a refund.

  • Multi day workshops - A multi-day workshop is less likely to be cancelled due to poor weather as we can schedule the indoor activities such as post-processing sessions or portfolio reviews or printing, which are usually part of the itinerary. This flexibility ensures that participants still gain valuable skills and insights, regardless of the weather conditions.

Please check the weather forecast before the workshop and ensure you pack appropriately. Layers often work well as weather conditions can be changeable throughout the day!
What level of fitness do I need? +
For each workshop the level of physical ability required will be provided as a guide and for all workshops you will need to be able to carry your own camera bag and tripod for the duration of the day. It is your responsibility to be transparent about your level of fitness and if you are uncertain of the suitability of the workshop for you, please contact me prior to booking.
  • Easy: locations are adjacent to car parks or involve a walk of no more than 20 minutes on flat footpaths. A reasonable level of mobility and fitness is required.

  • Moderate: some locations will require walks of 20-30 minutes on clifftop paths which may be uneven or slippery underfoot. A reasonable level of mobility and fitness is required.

  • Difficult: some locations will require steep up- and downhill walks of up to 30 minutes to reach the best view points. Conditions may be uneven or slippery underfoot. You will need a good level of mobility and fitness.

  • Strenuous: Lengthy walks of up to 1 hour will be required to reach some locations, including some steep up- and downhills. Conditions may be uneven or slippery underfoot. Sufficient time will be allocated to reach locations, but you will need a very good level of mobility and fitness.
What happens once I’ve booked / paid my deposit? +
I will contact you after booking to discuss personal objectives. More detailed tour notes will be sent out 4-6 weeks prior to the workshop providing much more detail on equipment and clothing required along with joining instructions. See terms and conditions for information about balance payment, cancellations and refunds.
Can I bring my partner? +
For a reduced fee, by arrangement this may be possible for a one-to-one, but as my workshops are usually limited to three participants, full payment would be required for a group workshop. Light & Land offer discounts on some of the group workshops, by arrangement.
I don’t live in the UK, can I still book? +
Absolutely! As long as you speak English, it’s no problem. I frequently work with clients from all over the world and especially love showing off my corner of the UK.
What are the start and finish times? +
The start and end times for each workshop will vary depending on the time of year, duration and the inclusion of sunrise / sunset opportunities. Joining instructions will be provided in the tour notes sent out prior to the workshop. Indicative timings are usually on the workshop listing for one day workshops.
How many participants can I expect on a workshop? +
Most of my workshops have a maximum of 3 participants on my UK-based workshops. This provides us with the opportunity to make the most of each location and I have sufficient time to provide everyone with individualised tuition. Where I’m co-leading workshops with another professional photographer groups will have a maximum of 6 participants. Light & Land workshops will have larger group sizes - refer to website for specific tour information.
Do you have a set itinerary for each workshop? +
I prefer to remain as flexible as possible to ensure we’re in the best spots on the day, whatever the weather conditions. I only run workshops in areas I know well so you can be assured of some great photographic opportunities! Small group classroom based processing and printing workshops have a more structured itinerary.
Are special diets catered for? +
For residential workshops, please let me know of any specific dietary requirements at the time of booking to ensure these can be catered for.

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