Corfe CastleTrees Tenatious in Swanage BayDurdle Door in the Snow - March 2018

Andy Farrer is a full time landscape photographer from the Isle of Purbeck area of Dorset at the Eastern end of the Jurassic Coast. The dramatic scenery of the United Kingdom and the thrill of travel fuel Andy’s passion for photographing the natural world. His keen eye for composition earned him the prestigious title of Landscape Photographer of the Year in 2015. 

Andy runs a variety of landscape photography courses on an individual basis as well as running group workshops both in the UK and abroad. These are either fully field based, concentrating on camera technique, or incorporate RAW image processing workflow tuition right though to print. The tuition on the 1-2-1 courses is bespoke and objective based, while the group workshops are more structured.

The art of printing is one of the aspects of photography that gave Andy the bug and it is something he still enjoys very much. To the extent that he has set up a professional fine art print studio and prints for many professional photographers and artists. Holding a beautifully printed image in your hands is a very rewarding experience. Converting pixels to print allows the images to be enjoyed for generations, rather than disappearing down a timeline in favour of newer pixels.

In addition to his own workshops Andy tutors for Light & Land, alongside some of the UK’s leading photographers.

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Andy has a current Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO)  for his UAV.