Professional Printing Services for Photographers & Artists

Growing up with his father being a printer, Andy always had offcuts of sumptuous papers to scribble on. When he started photographic printing in a darkroom, it was seeing the prints emerge in the developing tray, he says, which really drew him deeper into photography. To this day, even though Andy fully embraces the digital workflow, he is still drawn to the cotton based papers and archival prints, as he always was. The only difference is that rather than using light sensitive paper coatings they are now ink receptive coatings.

In an age where image consumption is at an all-time high, it's important to print images on paper and bring them from a virtual world of pixels into the physical sphere. 

Since dismantling his darkroom in the early 2000's, Andy missed printing his own images as it was always a regarding part of his creative process. Using a desktop A2 printer for around seven years Andy has adapted his printing workflow successfully to a digital one. Up until last year he was outsourcing prints bigger than A2 and all the canvas prints, also.

Last year Andy decided to team up with a friend and set up a dedicated print studio with the latest Canon imagePROGRAF Series of printers and offer out his services to other photographers and artists. FineArt Inkorporated Ltd. have been trading since May 2017 and are preferred print partners for a wide variety of photographers and artists. They produce work up to 44" on the short side and produce prints and canvasses in house to the very highest standards.


Andy is a brand ambassador for Fotospeed who manufacture some truly class leading papers. He has worked with the team at Fotospeed for several years and given talks at The Photography Show for the past two years as well as writing an in depth piece on colour managemet for their 2017 brochure.

If you are interested in Fine Art Inkorporated printing your own images for you, please follow the link to their website to see the full range of services and prices.

The print studio is where Andy's Capture to Print workshops are based.

Fine Art Inkorporated Print Studio