Synology and Amazon Cloud Backup Changes

23 Sep 2020

If you're a Synology user and have one of their NAS drives to store you image library on, you may have set up Amazon Cloud Drive as detailed in my blog post a few years ago. For Amazon prime members, you were able to install an app on your Synology and configure it to sync designated folders to unlimited free storage on the Amazon servers.

Sadly, this functionallity is being withdrawn on 1st November 2020. You can still install an app on your mac or PC and have it sync from a network folder, but the silent automatic backups which dont require a computer to be switched on is no more.

I've switched over to Backblaze B2 backup. It's pretty cheap, although not as cheap as a prime membership. The setup is pretty easy. I have mine doing a new initial backup so I can eventually purge the Amazon cloud. setting up now will give you a chance to get in sync before exisiting Amazon links stop on 1st November.