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29 Mar 2020
Lightroom & Dropbox

Lightroom & Dropbox Over the last year or so I have tweaked my Lightroom file management a bit and thought this may help others improve their own setup. For years I only had one computer and so keeping my catalogue backed up and my files backed up was a pretty straightforward thing to do. I have a Synology which backs up to the cloud whenever I import new images and I rotated a pair of...
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I had to print a file this week for a local artist, Laurie King, who drew his picture using an iPad Pro. He had exported the file sent it over for printing. The file had no embedded colour profile, so I opened it and used Adobe RGB as the working space, which is our default space, which we ask for files to be embedded with. I then soft-proofed for the paper we were printing on. Although the...
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Capturing the movement of the water is key to really translating the essence of a place to a photograph and is crucial as it plays a huge role in setting the mood of a scene. Shutter-speed control and choice of ND filters are the typical methods of controlling the degree of silkiness vs frozen action of water achieved with faster shutter speeds. Finding the right shutter speed to really make the...
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08 Oct 2018
Live View Tip

On a recent one-to-one, we were photographing with telephoto lenses and I accidentaly shot an image after Live View had timed out. Upon viewing the image at 100% magnification on the back of the camera I noticed it had a little camera-shake, which given the still day and sturdy tripod, was something of a suprise. I realised that Live View had timed out, so activated it again and shot another...
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01 Jan 2016
2015 in Review

New Year is always a reflective time and a signal for many to set about life with a new resolve and determination and renewed hopes for the year ahead. As we create our new folder for the coming year’s images, it’s natural to cast our eyes back to the previous year and review our work.  2015 was an incredible year which I’ll never forget and will certainly be hard to...
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