Sand Wave


On my last trip to Brazil, on a family trip, my photographic time was quite limited. We did manage a few days towards the end of the trip up in North East Brazil, however, so I had a sunset and sunrise to get out and capture some images of this lovely part of Brazil. This shot was taken very early in the morning and not quite what I had planned. I had tried to book a taxi/4x4 to tke me to the coast for sunrise, but in the end had to book a horse and cart to pick me up as it was too early for anything else. After getting up a 4am for my 4.30 pickup, I waited and waited and in true South American style my lift didn't arrive. I could already start to see the sky getting lighter and had to make a decision pretty quickly about what to do. not really having had much time to find my way around I decided just to head in the general direction of the bright sky and hope I found a composition. I was heading in the general direction of the coast, but didn't manage to make it all the way before it became apparent that I needed to set up my camera and find a scene I liked pretty quickly. The sun rises very quickly there compared to the UK! After much cussing and running around in every which direction I found these sand formations compacted by the wind. As the sun rose, the shadows totally transformed the scene and probably resulted in a better image that I would have got at the waters edge.

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