Hoodman Loupe Review

25 Jul 2012

Using live view and reviewing images on your cameras LCD screen in bright conditions can be difficult.Some times it's just plain impossible! 

Cupped hands or taking the camera off the tripod to turn away from the sun is all well and good but a hindrance at best. I am sure I am not alone, cursing in front of my mac realising that what should have been some of the best shots of the day are no use at all, because they're a bit soft.. If only we had been able to see the LCD screen better, we would have noticed that the focus was just out, adjusted and re-shot them without hesitation.

I have been on the look out for a decent loupe for quite a while, but never found quite what I was after. That is until I was introduced the the Hoodman Hoodloupe recently.

Its construction is a very rugged, rubber coated design and can be secured over the camera with a strap (as pictured) or hung around your neck on the supplied lanyard. It is a 3inch wide loupe which sits perfectly over the LCD whilst allowing easy access to the cameras buttons. An optional 3x magnification eyepiece can also be easily fitted, as mine is above. It has dioptre adjustment for users who wear glasses too. The rubber design means no scratches on the LCD and feels secure in the hand. The black walls of the loupe block out the stray light easily and allow you to concentrate on the images. 

I have started to rely on my reading glasses a little more in the last year or so and on a couple of occasions gone out without them. The focus confirmation points in the display of the 5Dii can be pretty useful as are hyperfocal chart, but there's nothing like KNOWING you have everything pin sharp! The Hoodman certainly becomes a valuable addition to the kit. 

Yesterday was the first proper field test in bright conditions and I must say I found it very useful and left it attached to the camera nearly all day. I didn't have any shots which were complete duffs in respect of their focus either. I used it with the 3x magnifier in and used it without my glasses. To get the dioptre adjusted for your own eyes, just open an image or a menu and focus on the text.

You can buy the basic Hoodman the optional Hoodloupe Mag 3.0 and the Cinema Strap to secure it to your DSLR all from Amazon.