The Blog: New Print Editions

13 Nov 2019

New Print Editions. Open, Limited & Exclusive

I'm often asked at the print studio by artists and photographers that I print for "how many should I print for a limited edition?". Very often the number they suggest is 100 or 250. I suppose it's a bit subjective, depending on how established and collectable your work is, but I would suggest that for most landscape photographers, myself included, that selling a hundred plus prints of one image is more ambition, than limited!

This got me wishing I had started off diligently numbering and recording all my sales from day one, but having not done that and my portfolio and website evolving over many years, I decided t take stock and rearrange the print sales moving forwards.

Images which have been sold previously, plus a selection of local scenes, will contiue to be added to the shop with lots of size options as open editions.

Most new ones will be added as limited editions, mainly as runs of 20 which will be signed and numbered.

I will also be selecting a few images to offer as very exclusive editions of just one print. A unique opportunity to own a one of a kind image.